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Cosmetic Dentist - What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?


Cosmetic dentistry is commonly utilized to describe any type of dental work which improves the look of teeth, bite and/or gum. It mainly focuses on enhancement in dental aesthetics with respect to color, shape, size, position and overall dental look. Dentists who practice cosmetic dentistry are known as cosmetic dentists. They are qualified professionals from a specialized dental school who complete a specific number of years specialization in cosmetic dental treatments. Most of them tend to focus more on tooth restoration while some concentrate more on dental restorations.


In addition, there are other types of specialists that perform related work like orthodontist, prosthodontist, periodontist and oral surgeon. These are general dentists but they have specialty areas of specialization like pediatrics, orthodontics, craniofacial, oral maxillofacial and vascular surgery. Therefore, when a person consults with a general dentist, it means that he or she is looking for some sort of advice relating to general health maintenance like oral health care and brushing, gum care and so on. When a person consults with a cosmetic dentist, it means that he or she is looking forward to enhance his or her smile, raise their self esteem and boost their self-confidence.Get more facts about dentist at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dentist.


Before we discuss more about what veneers cosmetic dentistry actually is, let us first highlight the basic difference between normal dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Normal dentistry deals with treating the physiological aspects of teeth, gum and bone structure of an individual. On the other hand, cosmetic dentistry deals with aesthetic appearance of the teeth and gums. They use different techniques and equipment in order to improve the overall appearance of an individual. For instance, teeth whitening can be done in an individual's dental clinic to make their teeth sparkle white. Similarly, teeth bleaching can also be done in these dental clinics to make the teeth whiter and brighten up the smile of a person.


Sometimes, general dentists perform simple procedures like tooth extraction, filling of the cavity along with scaling, etc. However, when it comes to cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, crown lengthening, veneers, teeth reshaping and so on, a cosmetic dentist would have more advanced equipment and techniques to perform these procedures. On the other hand, general dentists can perform the same procedures as well but cannot provide with aesthetic look. On the other hand, a cosmetic dentist can change your overall appearance by doing several treatments at a time.


Some of the common methods used by cosmetic dentists at brentwooddentalspa.com/ to enhance the aesthetics of the teeth and mouth are fillings, caps, crowns, bonding, veneers, teeth whitening, and so on. Fillings are used to whiten the teeth and to provide color to them. For fillings, the oral surgeon will choose a material that matches the color of the teeth so that it does not show up too much. However, the material used by the oral surgeons should be porcelain or composite because it is resistant to stains and also has natural looking. Another technique that is often used by cosmetic dentists to improve the aesthetics of the oral cavity is called buccal lipectomy or removal of the uvula, which is the part of the tooth closest to the back surface.


Another kind of cosmetic dentist procedure is dental crowns, which can be used for several reasons. One reason could be to correct broken or chipped teeth. In addition, dental crowns are used to cover the missing teeth so that they do not appear uneven or fake. Dental crowns can either be ceramic or composite. Composite dental crowns look like natural teeth and are durable. Similarly, ceramic dental crowns are light in weight and can easily fit on top of the existing tooth.